World Summit on Surgery and Anesthesia

December 05-07, 2024, Prague, Czechia

About the Event

World Summit on Surgery and Anesthesia welcomes you to a premier gathering of professionals, experts, and enthusiasts in Surgery and Anesthesia. Our mission is to create a dynamic platform that fosters knowledge sharing, networking, and innovation within the Surgery and Anesthesia community.

At WSSA-2024, we believe in the transformative power of collaboration and the exchange of ideas. By bringing together thought leaders and visionaries from around the globe, we aim to catalyze growth, drive positive change, and cultivate a shared vision for the future of Surgery and Anesthesia.

Through a meticulously curated program featuring renowned speakers, interactive workshops, and networking opportunities, we strive to provide attendees with an enriching experience that goes beyond the confines of traditional conferences. Our goal is to nurture a vibrant community that thrives on shared learning, collaboration, and collective advancement.

We look forward to seeing you at WSSA-2024 in Prague, Czech Republic.

The conference is classified with the following tags within our event index: Cosmetic Surgery, Aesthetic Surgery, Vascular Surgery


World Summit On Surgery And Anesthesia is organized by Scientific Summits .

Date and Location

World Summit on Surgery and Anesthesia will take place in Prague, Czechia on December 05-07, 2024.

Venue Information

The conference will be held at the Prague, Czech Republic, Prague, Czech Republic..


Attendance to the this conference is Offline.

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