How It Works

How to Add Your Event

After you sign up for account creation, you can create your event by simply visiting event creation form from the main navigation.

  • Event creation form is a single page consisting of two parts.
  • First part is where you define your event's base information like event type, name, keywords and description.
  • Second part is where you define your event's date, location, website and attendance information.
  • After you save your event, it will be moderated and published if the content is not prohibited and information is correct.

How Moderation Works

Moderation simply works as an examination of the content allowance, existence of event and checking accuracy of the information provided.

What Does Edition Stand For?

As the word says, it is the edition of a recurring event. By providing addition of editions you benefit from listing your event as a whole, single page.

What Is The Difference Between Event And Edition?

  • An event record stands as an event page with its defined edition.
  • On the other hand an edition is the combination of date and location of a recurring event and shown in the corresponding event page.

That means an event edition has no particular page other than the event itself.

Content Modification

It's not possible on your side to modify your event or edition information after being saved and moderated. Instead you can open a query for your modification request or make a deletion request and re-create your event or edition.

Content Deletion Request

If your event is cancelled or somehow you don't want your event to be listed anymore, you can make a deletion request. Once we have your request, your event will be deleted and removed from listing.

Event Listing Rules

We do not tolerate for illegal, prohibited, wrong, bad or any useless content!

  • Any illegal or questionable content is prohibited.
  • Any content related to children is prohibited.

Those types of content will never be published and immediately deleted from our database. Also user account will be suspended.